Know us:

Affordable, reliable and efficient supply and usage of energy is a major challenge for Northern Periphery and Arctic communities. Our approach is to focus, not on individual buildings or public infrastructure, but on the entire stock of buildings and public infrastructure within the community to minimise overall energy usage within the geographic boundary.

The main output, implementing the above approach, will be an ICT-based solution: a “Smart Energy Management Model” adaptable for deployment in a typical NPA community. This solution will be adapted from existing smart city models and it will use ICT technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.

SMARCTIC will facilitate innovative energy pilots with companies and researchers; enable communication between energy stakeholders to build awareness; trial new solutions and change energy behaviour; collect and share energy data from multiple sources (buildings and houses, public lighting, road traffic, local weather...). This will drive achievement of the project’s main result: 5 NPA regions with enhanced capacity to deliver high-quality energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in their communities.

Transnational cooperation will be the key! Partners will put together a range of ICT from different NPA regions. We will transfer and integrate pilots, models and user requirements to achieve a robust transboundary solution!