What are we going to achieve?


The SMARCTIC partnership is focused in achieving the following outputs: 

Smart Energy Management Model

Envisaged as an integrated energy communications channel between the public authority – responsible for decreasing overall energy usage in their community – and the energy consumers (homes, businesses, public infrastructures). The public authorities will use the SEMM to raise awareness among energy consumers regarding incentives, changes in construction standards and new potential urban planning policies.

6 Smart Energy Pilots

Each region will implement a smart energy pilot, the topics include connecting public buildings to smart grid, retrofitting homes for energy efficiency, adaptive street lighting, optimisation of air quality and energy usage in homes, connecting public buildings, dispersed throughout the community, to an overall smart energy management system.

NPA Smart Energy Advisory Service

The SMARCTIC partnership will ensure that the awareness raising activities of the project are continued in the partner regions and the wider NPA area after the project is completed.