ICT-based energy management system for schools in Västernorrland

The aim of the pilot is to use smart technologies to measure, monitor and improve energy efficiency in public buildings in Kramfors municipality.

Region Västernorrland (Sweden), as part of Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme funded SMARCTIC project, is testing smart energy solutions and energy visualization tools in two schools in Kramfors municipality.

One of the schools, Ådalskolan, is a high school and will be on working with the students from mechanical program and testing smart solutions focused on reducing energy use. In the other school, Skarpåkerskolan, Region Västernorrland will work in the pre-school part of the building and focus on working with children by utilizing energy data possibilities.

The aim of this pilot is to open opportunities to increase interest among students and children at schools in Kramfors for smart energy use and climate issues. The idea is to change behaviours and raise awareness in an innovative way through visualization and thereby reduce energy consumption.

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