Increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy solutions in Lapland public buildings

Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme funded SMARCTIC project partner Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland) created a video to showcase their pilot to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy solutions in the Finnish Lapland public buildings.

Due to extreme weather conditions, energy consumption is extremely high in several months in the Finnish Lapland, SMARCTIC project partner pilots include an ice hockey hall and football hall which are next to each other. Both buildings have high energy consumption and Ounashalli (football hall) has minor problems with heating as the indoor temperature drops little too low sometimes. The aim is to improve energy efficiency in these large buildings that contains several spaces of high energy consumption.

For example, at the Ice Hockey arena (Lappi Areena) is difficult to manage because it has spaces that require heating and spaces that require cooling at the same time. Some of the heat generated in the cooling process is directed out of the building. So, through this pilot Lapland University of Applied Sciences is trying to find new solutions to reuse that excess heat either in the same building or in the building next to it.

Find out more clicking the video!

Stay tuned SMARCTIC partners will share new videos soon!