Our Icelandic partner participates in an energy conference in Donegal

NPA funded SMARTrenew project hosts a seminar to discuss about the role of renewable energy in achieving Ireland's climate action targets.

Dr Dr. Nick Timmons welcoming attendees.

ERNACT staff with Ragnar.

Ragnar presenting at LYIT.

LYIT Green Day.

As part of LYIT Letterkenny Institute of Technology Green Day, on Thursday 28th November in County Donegal (Ireland), the NPA SMARTrenew project are hosting an international seminar to run on the morning under the theme of: “Powered by Nature - The Role of Renewable Energy in achieving Irelands Climate Action Targets” in which SMARCTIC Icelandic partner Ragnar Ásmundsson, from HeatRD, has participated.

With over 20 exhibitors, LYIT's Green Day has been once again of huge interest to businesses, households and students from all over Donegal, Derry and Strabane (Northern Ireland). It has included a seminar hosting an international panel of experts looking at how renewable energy can help achieve Ireland’s Climate Action targets. This is LYIT’s fourth year to host the Green Day at their campus and Mary Daly, LYIT’s Estates Manager was delighted to be joining up with the multi-national EU funded SMARTrenew project led by Dr. Nick Timmons, Principal Investigator of LYIT's WiSAR Lab.


About SMARTrenew project

Also funded by Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2014-2020 with a budget of €1.6m, the project  consists of an international consortium of partners from Finland, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Donegal and Derry and Strabane. SMARTrenew aims to improve the uptake of smart renewable energy mix and energy storage in rural and sparsely populated regions of northern Europe, which are still overreliant on fossil fuels for heating and energy.

“This year we are adding a further dimension with SMARTrenew hosting a panel of international experts, including an energy consultant from Denmark and a SMARTrenew partner from Iceland, to share with us their experiences, insights and learning on how they have embraced smart renewable energy technology, including smart energy storage in batteries and heat extraction from the sea” , highlights Mary Daly.