Reducing energy usage in schools of Region Västernorrland

Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme funded SMARCTIC project partner Region Västernorrland (Sweden) is working in two schools in Kramfors Municiplity in County Västernorrland to reduce energy usage, using smart technology and IoT (Internet of Things) to measure and monitor the energy consumption of the buildings.

Region Västernorrland pilot focuses on energy measurements to reduce energy use, the pilot largely consists of working with energy visualisations based on energy data obtained from the premises to increase awareness of energy and encourage behavioural changes among students.

For example, in Ådalsskolan will make the energy use visible in the classroom and this will be visualized in real time on a screen in the room and with the following information:

  • Current instantaneous consumption:

    • Shows current consumption and in relation to the historically best average consumption.
    • Graphics that compares last week with the current week to see differences in days.
    • Scoreboard with top 10 best / lowest consumption days.
    • Comparison with consumed energy kWh converted to the number of km driven car.


Stay tuned for more updates!