SMARCTIC project partner celebrates the 6th partner meeting

A mix of universities, business and the public sector from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Canada met to discuss how best to increase the use of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in housing and public infrastructures in remote, sparsely populated areas.

The 6th partner meeting of the SMARCTIC project, was to be hosted by Donegal County Council (Ireland), but was held in a virtual setting due to COVID-19 restrictions that are currently in place. The meeting brought partners together for the sixth time to review and agree all pending project activities.

Other project elements were also discussed include: project and financial reporting, communication strategy, workplan progress, coordination of work packages, deliverables, outputs and timelines, etc. Any risks or issues, particularly those that could affect project schedules or meeting deadlines were identified and contingency plans agreed to mitigate them.

Donegal County Council invited Philip Doyle from Reverve Energy to speak about Smart Energy and Peadar Espey, Facilities Manager at Donegal County Council to talk about DCC's overall energy journey and retrofitting of Letterkenny and Milford PSCs and SEAI interaction.

Thanks to all speakers for your very interesting presentations!