SMARCTIC will bring smart energy solutions to northern communities

We will increase renewable energy measures on the entire stock of buildings and public infrastructures in sparsely populated areas.

Kick-off meeting in Letterkenny.


SMARCTIC project partners have met for the first time in Letterkenny (Co. Donegal, Ireland) on the 21st of August. Representatives from Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Northern Ireland and Ireland have gathered together to start discussing the first activities of the project, funded by Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2014-2020.

Project Leader Dr Caitriona Strain welcomed all participants to Letterkenny for the kick-off meeting and she informed attendees about the agenda for the day. ERNACT General Manager Colm McColgan also provided participants with an overview of our organisation and network as ERNACT will be leading SMARCTIC. Afterwards, all project partners presented their organisation, region, similar projects they are currently involved in, and the energy expertise they have available to the SMARCTIC project.

"As it was the first meeting of the project, we have provided an overview of SMARCTIC, it's main objectives, approach, outputs and workplan structure", explains Dr Strain. The partnership has reviewed financial, communication and dissemination activities as well (i.e. project reporting and procedures, communication and publicity requirements, communication plan, channels and upcoming campaigns).