Swedish key stakeholders share their views on the SMARCTIC project pilot

Smart energy-saving solutions will be tested in two local schools, Ådalskolan and Skarpåkerskolan.

Marta Bystrowska | Sweden


Energy Office of Västernorrland (Sweden) has recently met with the key local stakeholders to discuss the details of the upcoming SMARCTIC project pilot.

Technical side was represented by the solutions provider chosen in the recently concluded procurement and Krambo, associated partner. Teachers and rectors of both pilot schools, Ådalskolan and Skarpåkerskolan, participated too, as well as ICT educator and energy, climate advisor for the Kramfors municipality, representatives of the Regional Council of Västernorrland and regional municipality association.

Participants shared their views and discussed the details of the pilot which will be launched in April and will go on for a year. In the pilot, smart, energy-saving solutions will be tested in both schools and the crucial part of it will be to visualize data and use it for awareness-rising in work with children and students in selected classes.